Californian model vs Canarian model [en]

April 9th, 2010

Both in California and in the Canary Islands there’s a widely garage different-of-the-expected-one use trend. Let’s see the differences:


Californian well-known garage use model look (more or less) like this:

Californian model

Canarian garage use model look like this:

Canarian model


From the first one model emerge things like this:

Californian model result: The iPad!

From the second one model emerge things like this:

Canarian model result: queso asado con mojo. Delicious!

Despite I love Spanish way of life in a lot of aspects, these pictures show an ashaming truth for me. Two opposite entrepreneur approches that make the difference between a territory that can face a world economic crisis and other that can not.

Cultural extra info: Some cities and towns in the south of USA (probably some in California), like San Antonio (Texas), were founded by canarian emigrants almost three centuries ago. Ironic.

Pictures by: brianfling, engerundio, jtoledo.

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