Web authoring tools and CSS3 [en]

July 7th, 2010

It’s said that every automatable process will be automated [es].

But, the same as poetry can’t be automated, good web coding can’t be either.

Just because semantics can’t be automated!

No tool can’t help you in the task of giving real meaning to a portion of code that contains information for humans!

That’s one of the reasons why front-end development professionals don’t care about authoring tools.

So, this is what Zeldman says about the idea that CSS3 brings the possibility of new authoring tools that could replace finally the task of coding:

Expecting Photoshop to write the kind of markup and CSS you and I write at our best is like challenging TextMate to convert semantic HTML into a visually appropriate and aesthetically pleasing layout.

Agree with every single word of his post. Very very worth reading.

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