With or without you (DockStar) [en]

April 9th, 2011

DockStar is a plug-in for Mail.app that helps you to organize and customize your mail notifications by mailboxes.

My life without DockStar


My life with DockStar

My life with Dockstar


(No, I’m not having any revenue from Ecamm guys :-))

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  1. Michael dijo:

    25 de January de 2015

    Fair enough MyC, but a ‘strong cetrne right’ doesn’t just appear out of thin air. For such a thing to happen the people that are currently on the right will have to stop their separatist flights of fancy, disalign themselves with the extremist racist tendencies and start listening and responding to all the electorate, not just the section of it that thinks it has divine right of rule.Or in other words, until they get real you’ll have a fractured opposition that looks very much like the shambles up against Hugo in Vzla.Or in two words: Evo wins.

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