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May 5th, 2012

Climbing it’s a huge passion for me. Even this blog name [es] is directly related to it. Nevertheless I talk here about other stuff, like innovation and design.

So, I won’t miss this, I’d say unique, opportunity of showing you this new concept that merge these three matters.

The old style.

When it comes to climbing training, this is the type of facility you may have in mind:

Cave Rock, Tenerife

Aesthetics, design and innovation aren’t taken in account in climbing walls or any sports facilities in general. Sport devices are always functionally oriented objects that are hidden away, placed apart of your work or living space. So they are design the way they are.

The XXI century way.

But, what happens when someone try to extract a climbing wall out of the gym, and move it directly to your modern lifestyle space? Lunar Europe has this delightful answer.

Via Alejandro Bedoya.

Bouldering wall picture: cave rock, Tenerife.

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